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Visual music composer that transforms creations into the MIDI format
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Visual music composer that emulates over 170 musical instruments. It saves your creations into the MIDI format and embeds a pencil tool useful for defining the scale and duration of each segment.

Create your own musical compositions in a visual way, and export them in MIDI format. Logic Pro is a versatile software tool developed by Babya to let you create music by emulating more than 170 different musical instruments. It includes a pencil tool that allows you to define the scale and duration of each segment, so that you can literally "draw" your music. Moreover, it includes several additional related tools.

Logic Pro offers an attractive and colorful user interface. Most of it is taken by a squared plane where you can draw your lines. Its horizontal axis represents the time in seconds, while the vertical one is for the notes and scales. While you are in "draw mode" (you get there by clicking the pencil tool), you can trace a line to represent the duration, note and scale of a sound. You can also switch to any of the available virtual instruments before you draw a line, to create different types of sounds. Besides that, the program allows you to select a specific area of your plane and copy, cut or paste it in a different place. You will be able to play back and stop your creation at any time as well.

But the program's capabilities do not end there. As stated before, it provides you with additional tools, like the "Babya Piano Studio". This emulates a complete piano keyboard that allows you to play in different tones, octaves, majors, minors, sustained notes, and many more. There is also the "Starry Synth", another tool that represents a music synthesizer. It emulates two oscillators and it allows you to configure the amplitude modulation and insert effects and filters.

In short, Logic Pro is a very comprehensive music composer that includes several additional tools, all of them for free.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Attractive and colorful user interface
  • Emulates more that 170 different musical instruments
  • Allows you to export your creation to universally accepted MIDI format
  • Includes several additional related tools


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